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RX Anytime Delivers

Automated Prescriptions, Efficient Operations.

Benefits of Using RX Anytime

Get back to doing what you do best.

Move from Lengthy Lines to Focused Support

Before RXAnytime.
  • Patients had to wait in long lines to pick up prescription Orders.
  • Patients rarely received any pharmacy notifications.
  • Patients were required to take off work to meet Pharmacy hours.
  • Pharmacy staff is faced to face with sick patients.
  • Staffing shortages impacted pharmacy workflow and patient quality service.
  • Pharmacies have had to reduce hours or cut services to meet budget constraints.

Before and After

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With RXAnytime.
  • Patients can pick up prescription orders ANYTIME the store is open.
  • Pharmacy teams can remain safe and reduce sick day interruptions.
  • Pharmacy teams can focus on Patient care and Wellness Programs.
  • Pharmacies in stores can expand the patients access to script orders that complement the store hours.
  • Pharmacies can reduce workflow disruptions.
  • Pharmacies can reduce operational and personnel cost.



Safe distancing for Staff-to-Customer

Integrates with Back Office

Reduce Cost

Integrates with Curbside Delivery team

Offloads task to customer

Improve Security

Fully Automated

Integrates with Drive Through


Automated Script Delivery Unmanned

Automated Script Delivery

Locker + Kiosk

Locker OnlY

Pharmacy Distribution Center

RxAnytime uses tamper & smudge proof bags to securely hold Script Orders. These can be packed manually or using automated RxAnytime packing clusters. Once the script order is placed into the bags, they are then placed into secure totes for transport to the designated store pharmacy.

The merchant can use their own transport teams or we can use the RxAnytime transport teams. The drivers are responsible for safely delivering the script orders to the RxAnytime enclosures and retrieving any unclaimed orders which will be returned to the Pharmacy Distribution Center.

The totes are identified with store barcode & address for drivers to scan. Transporter trackers may be used with RxAnytime transporters to track vehicle location. Cameras will also be installed to monitor movement in front, inside & behind the vehicle.

Product Details

What We Do, So You Won’t Have To.

Pharmacy Automation

The automated fulfillment system ensures safe, secure, reliable handling of prescriptions.

The automated fulfillment system ensures safe, secure & reliable handling of prescriptions. The pharmacy benefits from instant visibility into tracking of pending orders, statistics on order fulfillment time, and space-efficient storage. With much of the order handling offloaded, pharmacists are freed to focus on Wellness Programs & Patient Adherence. Patients are provided with a safe and secure kiosk-locker unit for retrieving pharmacy filled prescription orders.

The RxAnytime system uses a safe, adaptive robot for order picking from the secure storage within the pharmacy & delivery to the self-service customer kiosk-locker. The system, with Ascend AI inside, leverages robotic controls developed for NASA and deployed for hundreds of robust, collaborative robots worldwide. The Pharmacy benefits by offloading the mundane task of running a cash register off to the customers, who are familiar with self-service transactions like at gas stations, ATM’s and DVD rentals.

Prescription Tracking

Fine-grained tracking reports based on system performance, capacity & utilization can be viewed locally or from the Pharmacy headquarters.

The fulfillment system provides fine-grained tracking of script orders and instant views into script order status, (script received, storage bin location, delivery date/time, kiosk#) readily viewable by the pharmacist through the status display or viewable remotely from the store headquarters. Aged orders can be easily identified and retrieved when pharmacy  time thresholds are met or the order is requested by a pharmacy team member.

The pharmacy team applies a “Script Order” number and barcode to each prescription order package so the script order can be tracked throughout the delivery process. There is no need for the RxAnytime system to contain any HIPPA sensitive data as that is completely held and managed by the pharmacy staff.

System Integration

The RxAnytime fulfillment system Kiosk integrates with the Pharmacy’s Point-of-Sale system.

The RxAnytime fulfillment system Kiosk integrates with the pharmacy’s PoS system. The merchant provided PoS system can be mounted at the Kiosk and works independent of the RxAnytime kiosk. Handshaking between the RxAnytime kiosk and Merchant PoS units are performed to initiate the transaction (if required) and acknowledge a successful transaction.

The pharmacy continues to handle all customer data; the RxAnytime fulfillment system accepts filled prescriptions order (known as Script Order), from the pharmacy team and safely stores the prescription in the designated storage bin location. If the pharmacy network does not have a customer notification system, RxAnytime can use our notification system. The patient must provide the preferred notification method, email, text or call.

No script orders are stored in the lockers. The lockers are loaded with the script order only when the patient is registering at the kiosk.

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