The RxAnytime System

The RxAnytime system provides the consumers the opportunity to pick up prescriptions from a pharmacy without waiting in long lines. Medical counseling can be done through the kiosk to the pharmacist, a call from the pharmacist to the patients cell, the merchants online Pharmacy App. or , if during pharmacy hours of operation, an old-fashioned face-to-face conversation with the pharmacist.  

RxAnytime provide consumers with a secure and automated method to pick up prescription medicines without taking valuable time from the pharmacist or pharmacy technician. This system allows for cost savings in labor and operational cost. RxAnytime systems allow for 24-hour access for consumers to pick up their medications once the prescription has been filled by the pharmacy team.  

RxAnytime systems automate the pharmacy patient facing service, keeping both the patient and pharmacy teams safe.  RxAnytime systems implement additional systems security, work within a defined floor space, add value to operations, enhance services & customer experience, and provide extended hours all in a secure framework. Additional benefits include the ability for the RxAnytime systems to smoothly integrate with merchant IT systems.  Customer Focused – Evaluate, Design, Build, Deliver, Train & Support.

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About R.H. Maxwell

I started a company in which we introduce true patient facing pharmacy automation using robotics, lockers and kiosk systems working together to provide a safer, and more efficient process for patients to pick up their prescription orders, Anytime. The RxAnytime models work well in any size pharmacy. The RxAnytime systems offer better security, Script tracking from Pack-to-Pickup, greater efficiency of pharmacy staff with a safer and better experience for the patient. Patients can bypass the pharmacy lines at the counter, and conduct self-checkout anytime.