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Capabilities Statement

Reduce the long wait lines in Pharmacies.

Automated Storage & Distribution Device
ASDD + Pharmacy = 24-hour access to your Prescriptions

Core Competencies

  • 24-Hour Access to Pharmacy Filled Prescription Orders
  • Pharmacy Storage Solution with Control, Cameras, Security & Delivery Automation
  • Storage lockers for Patient Prescription Order pick-up
  • Safe Cashierless Operations for Pharmacies
  • Reduce Operations & Personnel Cost
  • Prescription Adherence
  • TelePharmacy
  • Tamper Proof & Smudge Proof bags
  • Turnkey Operations 
  • System Design, Delivery & Build
  • System Training
  • System Remote & On-Site Support
  • Auto Packing tools (Puck to bag & tote to bag)
  • Capacity – Our supply chain if fully scalable and operates within the USA.
  • RxAnytime Project managers can manage multiple project teams with all the associated moving parts, then report up to the Program, Risk, Technology & Customer Relations Managers.
  • Our technical ability allows for a safe and secure approach for patients and staff in pharmacies.
  • Our Kiosk, lockers and robotic systems are proven technologies in which RxAnytime integrate operations for Pharmacies. 
  • Our staff is capable of scaling on demand. When needed, TEKsystems is ready to bring on skilled staff members, who have been vetted in advance.
  • Investors and bankers stand by to finance contracted projects.
  • Ascend Robotics, Paycom, PipelineRx, Olea Kiosk, Frost Bank, TEKsystems, Autobag and Snap-Install Inc., are some of the RxAnytime business partners.

Company Details

D&B #: 07-983-8677  

Cage Code: 7swr7


Primary NAICS: 446110

Year Business Started: 2014

Socio Economic Certification: SDVOSB

Office Locations: 308 W. Aurora Vista Tr. Aurora, TX. 760078

Contact: Name: Rodney Maxwell

                 Email: [email protected] 

                 Cell # (817) 675-6777

  • Past performance – Upon request
  • Past experience

Our Kiosk and Robotics teams have been servicing clients for over 10 years. I have been designing complex IT solutions for over 20 years.

Cyber Security Policy

           Compliance with FAR 52.204.7012. RxAnytime systems do not collect, store or share any patient or client information.